About Me

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My Name is Syed Danyal Hassan. I am a avid learner and passionate human being with main objective is to work hard and make my parents proud.I try to keep learning more and more unique tech stuff to get better understanding of norms and culture of Information Technology.

Currently I am learning data analysis, SEO and QA Automation to get more in-depth knowledge of the domains as well as turning these skills into the source of my income.

Apart from my geek side, I love learning new languages few of which I am trying to learn like Arabic, German, French and Chinese along with that I love watching WWE, AEW and Impact Wrestling and quite honestly all are my favourtie wrestlers to watch.

As far as movies are concerning, I love watching Hollywood movies including romance (notably Nicholas Sparks movies), Sci-Fi (Jurrasic Park Series) Action Movies (Olympis has fallen series and Mission Impossible series)


Syed Danyal Hassan

Work Process


Research and Plan

Carry out the Scope and plan it down into project plan with estimates and deliverables. This is the very crucial phase and requires complete head-on as missing any scope would derail the entire project basis.


Design and Develop

Analyzing the scope and understaning how it would fit-in in the current implementation along with testing alternative scenarios on the implemted solutions.



Testing the implemented solution with respect to customer journey and behavior and delivering the tested product to meet the production deadline.